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Inspiration 2020

I´m often asked where my inspiration comes from, so in this first blogpost I am going to welcome you into my world of inspiration.
Looking at this mood board you would think my inspiration comes from hours of research and sketching. However that is never the case when I work with ceramics. It used to be the way for me to work when I was a fashion designer getting my thoughts in place and pursuing an overview before digging into a new season. A creative process, but a process that was very much in my head. Working with clay everything is very much intuitive. The work just sort of flows out of my hands and my mind is completely on standby. I sort of become one with the clay and let the clay tell me where our journey together is going.
Of course, my inspiration comes from somewhere and not just from out of no where…
I have always loved the beach and especially the beach on the westcoast of Denmark where I grew up. Nature at the West Coast in the Northern part of Denmark can be both elegant and brutal at the same time. I rather like this contrast and bring it into all my pieces, balancing the contrast between rough and elegant finding the perfect imperfection of nature.


I prefer working with earth tones or colours based in nature. When I blend my colours I will try to match the look of a seashell, a stone found on the beach, autumn leaves in my garden or perhaps a sunset sky.

Summer 2020

The summer of 2020 will for ever stand out as something out of the ordinary to all of us, I believe. My family and I enjoy travelling in the summertime and especially the south of France and Italy are among our favourite places to go. We always go by car so we can enjoy the scenery on our journeys. In the summer of 2020 we stayed in Denmark, as most Danish people did, and this gave us the opportunity to visit parts of Denmark we have never visited before. We visited several fantastic places like Rømø beach, Blokhus beach, Svinkløv beach, Rubjerg Knude Fyr (lighthouse), Bogense beach, Hasmark beach and Møns klint, amongst others. I could go on and on about each and every single place… all truly fantastic and inspirational places! Sitting behind my potter’s wheel, the moods – smell – colours – views and feels from these places are all giving juice to my creative flow. From each place we went this summer I collected bits of organic material to bring home to my ceramic studio and they have now been the fundament for development of new ceramic
, where I am currently experimenting with adding the organic material to my clay or glazes.
For the past few months, I have worked with creating 2 new collections based on my summer holiday inspiration. Read more about my Rømø and Hasmark collection.

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